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  • Limited Edition 7" Vinyl : Purple

    Label: B.O.G Records
    Limited: 500 copies
    Black vinyl 400 copies and Purple vinyl 100 copies.

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  • Limited Edition 7" Vinyl : Black

    Label: B.O.G Records
    Limited: 500 copies
    Black vinyl 400 copies and Purple vinyl 100 copies.

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-Track List-
Sete Star Sept – Not First
Sete Star Sept – Not Second
Sete Star Sept – Not Third
Sete Star Sept – Not Fourth
Sete Star Sept – Not Fifth
Sete Star Sept – Not Sixth
Sete Star Sept – Not Seventh
Sete Star Sept – Not Eighth
Sete Star Sept – Delusion Hero
Sete Star Sept – Magical Channel
Sete Star Sept – My Money Is Gone
Sete Star Sept – Lay Down On The Bed
Sete Star Sept – JCCM

Madre Coca – Ruido, Ruido La Última Canción Del
Madre Coca – Perturbado Madre Cocas, Ruido Ruido
Madre Coca – A Grande Danza Del Madre Coca
Madre Coca – The Search For The Black Elephants Spit
Madre Coca – In The Mountains Of Rest
Madre Coca – Madre Macabros Cocas Del Sur
Madre Coca – Muerte, Danza De La Enmarañada Madre Cocas
Madre Coca – The Citadel's Servants Of The Boundless Great Bird
Madre Coca – The Great Lamia Rite At Dawn
Madre Coca – Großes Lärm Mit Wenig Erfolg, Madre Cocas
Madre Coca – Preisknüller...
Madre Coca – A Little Less Serbian But Much More Madre Cocas
Madre Coca – El Ruido Ensordecedor De Las Cocas Madre
Madre Coca – Weltuntergang Mit Den Charmanten Las Madre Cocas
Madre Coca – Shamanic Prayers Before Sunris
Madre Coca – The Day When The Night Felt Down To Earth
Madre Coca – Shamanic Dance To Unknown Southern Lands
Madre Coca – Eine Kleiner Mix Aus Exotischen Landen Mit Dabei Madre Cocas
Madre Coca – Manyhorse And Groupsdog
Madre Coca – Massive Nakedyoga And Yellow Elephants
Madre Coca – A Thousand Pink Plumish Starring Eyes
Madre Coca – Disoriented Magnetic Massive Flamingo Coloured Uterus


released October 7, 2013




Sete Star Sept was started from 2004 in Tokyo,Japan.
Currently lineup is Kae on Vocals/Bass and Kiyasu on Drums.
The band's name, "Sete Star Sept, " comes from a term used in
pachinko, "7 star 7.” It has no meaning. "Sete" and "Sept" mean
“seven” in Portuguese and French respectively.
... more

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